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Bugs And Workarounds [News]

05/29/2015 | Categories:

The stock resource system in Kerbal Space Program (KSP) 1.0 is pretty neat. Based upon the Regolith mod, the stock resource system uses a seed value- basically a large randomly generated number- as the basis for resource concentrations and distributions. Each time you create a new save, a new number gets generated. All the planets and asteroids in the game will have randomly distributed resources based upon this one number. Change it, and everything gets changed. Since a core mechanic of Pathf (...)

Been Busy With KSP [News]

05/28/2015 | Categories:

In case you haven't heard of it, Kerbal Space Program is a game by Squad that lets you play LEGOs with rockets. It was recently reviewed by PC Gamer. I've been building several mods for the game including Multipurpose Colony Modules, NASA-inspired Deep Space Exploration Vessels, Gemini-inspired Mark One Laboratory Extensions, and my latest, Pathfinder, where space mining meets the Old West ruggedness and grit.


Mission Accomplished [News]

02/10/2014 | Categories:

When I started using 3DS MAX in January 2013, I reworked my Vigilance spaceship as a context for learning the software. As time went by, I decided to flesh out the Contact Lost universe, and the end result is the web pages on this site as well as the Contact Lost art gallery. I've known that I wanted to finish the art that I did before moving on, and as of the end of 2013, I met my goal. I decided that starting a new project in the Chinese Year of the Horse was fitting (no, I'm not Asian), so I (...)

Conversion Nearly Complete [News]

01/13/2014 | Categories:

My Contact Lost website conversion project is almost done. I've coverted the old pages over, completed artwork for the Nautilus (my best yet) and the writing behind it, and have finished up with the Vigilance. I'm still deciding whether or not the warship Vigilance will be prefixed with "USS" or something like USAV (Unites States Air Force Vessel) or maybe USSV (United States Space Vessel).

Under Construction [News]

12/19/2013 | Categories:

I'm currently in between jobs so I finally have time to revamp my website. I'm in the process of reworking the galleries and upgrading the Contact Lost™ website as well. As you can see, I now have a blog that I'll update as time permits. So far I've deleted a couple of old galleries and added galleries for the art images I've created for ContactLost™ as well as the concept images for the Vigilance. Eventually I'll add a forum to discuss topics associated with my video game- I've had a dream to m (...)