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Mission Accomplished [News]


When I started using 3DS MAX in January 2013, I reworked my Vigilance spaceship as a context for learning the software. As time went by, I decided to flesh out the Contact Lost universe, and the end result is the web pages on this site as well as the Contact Lost art gallery. I've known that I wanted to finish the art that I did before moving on, and as of the end of 2013, I met my goal. I decided that starting a new project in the Chinese Year of the Horse was fitting (no, I'm not Asian), so I (...)

Conversion Nearly Complete [News]


My Contact Lost website conversion project is almost done. I've coverted the old pages over, completed artwork for the Nautilus (my best yet) and the writing behind it, and have finished up with the Vigilance. I'm still deciding whether or not the warship Vigilance will be prefixed with "USS" or something like USAV (Unites States Air Force Vessel) or maybe USSV (United States Space Vessel).