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Several drawings of characters that I"ve made over the years. Click any image to enlarge.

I cannot remember the name of this guy so I'm calling him Aussie The Barbarian. He was a fighter-type from my college D&D playing days.
Kelvin Flynn, a.k.a. Arrow Boy, one of my D&D characters.
Mirana McCloud, an amphibious elf equally at home above and below the water. She's wearing orca-hide armor and sporting a nasty crossbow and magical trident. In my undergrad days, Mirana was one of my first D&D characters for a campaign ran by James Jacobs (yes, the Editor-in-chief of Pathfinder).
Mirana sporting her new pump-action compound crossbow. It kicked butt in game! Mirana was a ranger/mage dual-classed character that ultimately got seduced by some major bad demon from the Abyss. She was fun to play though. Maybe someday I'll make a Poser version of the character.
Raven, a Shadowrun character.
Sir Kent is named after Clark Kent (a.k.a. Superman) and Kensington, the memory manufacturer.
Tluad is one of the dieties of The People of The Ice from James Jacob's Icelands campaign (this is back in college). I got to design his holy symbol. The wolf is clipart.
T'razamek Njagua. He is a Spelljamming character from a race I created called the Razani. Little did I know that Larry Niven beat me to the idea of space-faring sentient bipedal cats!
One of my first drawings of Verik Wolf, a barbarian from the Wolf Clan, one of the clans comprising The People of The Ice. He's wearing chitton armor.
Verik was a walking armory as you can see with all the weapons he carried on display. If you look to the lower right you'll see some extra gear...
Verik was my all-time favorite D&D character and I was working on this picture when the campaign ended. Verik had a pet sabertooth tiger named Taz.
A warhammer carried by Aussie The Barbarian.
Wolf Claw, a Shadowrun character.
Wolfgang Aramas, a D&D character.